Toucan Sam

7 12 2012

Toucan Sam

two birds, a ghost and a bomb.

Lucky The Leprechaun

1 12 2012

Lucky The Leprechaun

part of the cereal killer mural in bk. this answers the question why no one ever catches them…

Insane Detail

27 11 2012

Insane Detail

looks like the muscular system diagram with all the fibers stretching through in different colors.

Sleepy Time

17 10 2012

Sleepy Time

had to be about a 20 foot long metal sculpture.

Pew Pew!!

8 10 2012

Pew Pew!!

needs to workout or quit shopping at the baby gap.

Art Cream Truck

8 10 2012

Art Cream Truck

rob “bear” fogle. freelance artist

Gnarls’ Art

8 10 2012

Gnarls' Art

it’s hard to put him in super urban settings and not look completely crazy.

Mr. Verna’s Work?

3 10 2012

Mr. Verna's Work?

tile laid in the same way as the toynbees. can’t be sure that they’re by the same person but they’re put on streets and made of the same materials.

Looks Like A Renoir

28 09 2012

Looks Like A Renoir

probably not but it’s someone’s impression.

Happy Grenades Are The Best Kind

14 09 2012

Happy Grenades Are The Best Kind

how could you be afraid of that face?

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