If We Could Just Skip Winter

27 11 2012

If We Could Just Skip Winter

the last bit of sun light peeking through the trees. i love fall but it means winter’s on the way and my tropical blood can’t handle the cold.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

16 11 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

green has a lot of meanings from the typical idea of color to envy. it also stands for hope, spring, and the environmental movement. ironically, i found out that in old asian languages like chinese and vietnamese the same word was used to describe both green and blue, which if you look close is the color of the grapes when i took this photo. well, they look like strung-together blueberries to me.

What A View

13 11 2012

What A View

from the balcony in mexico.

On Vacation

13 11 2012

On Vacation

me and gnarls (and a small army of bachelor party attendees) went to los cabos last week. also, f u mexico duty free for not telling me i couldn’t get through customs with a giant bottle of whiskey without checking my bags at the third security check…took me nearly a year to get to my connector home.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

5 11 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

world war 2 memorial from the independence st side.

Hello Kitty…It’s scary, c’mon

31 10 2012

Hello Kitty...It's scary, c'mon

i took requests for ideas this year, probably not the most frightening image but different.

Lower Manhattan At Night

31 10 2012

Lower Manhattan At Night

i took this from across the hudson. i’ve been working more on night shots and i love the way the city comes/stays alive after the sun goes down.

The Death Star

31 10 2012

The Death Star

the imperial military battle station in star wars. it was originally supposed to be moon-sized but this one was only about the size of a pumpkin.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

29 10 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

the globe at the united nations hq. although the un is in new york, the building is actually in international territory on the island of manhattan. it represents 193 countries worldwide, so it’s “foreign” application is pretty self-explanatory.

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